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Berg Sicherheitstechnik cooperates with crosscan GmbH (managing shareholder Erwin P. Berg), which operates more than ten thousand applications worldwide and is thus one of the biggest service providers for people counting/customer counting and visitor frequency measurement in retail trade, pedestrian frequency measurement on streets and in public buildings as well as the counting of people and moving objects in general. Analysis products and reportings satisfying the latest requirements of the modern Omnichannel Support supplement the performance range of crosscan GmbH. The crosscan team consisting of about 35 IT and software specialists works 24/7 to develop tailored solutions for the various chain stores and to continuously develop and improve the customer service of the large retail chains in the country and offshore.

Customer counting / People counting

Large retail chains with stores all over the world face various problems in their everyday business. Daily tasks have to be dealt with such as customer counting for display of the sales figures of the individual stores, the measurement of waiting times at checkouts and rack withdrawal. The shopping behavior differs according to culture, and the stores work with totally different checkout systems.
Nevertheless they need a uniform analysis in realtime and reportings to allow them firstly to optimize customer support and improve customer loyalty, and secondly to raise their store sales, improve the performance of personnel and adjust the deployment times optimally. Not an easy task. This challenge can be met, however, with an intelligent software solution and system allowing adjustment around the clock.

Counting customers via sensor

This is how it works technically: sensors detect the contours of people, visitors and customers on the sales floors and their movement patterns any time. They register paths and dwell times before certain products (visitor frequency measurement). And they know at what point and for how long the customer holds a product in his/her hand.
The sensors transmit these collected data to the crosscan BigData platform crosscan Connect swiftly, where the data is analysed and evaluated immediately. The results are made available to the company in realtime. The retail company is now able to use this detailed KPI analysis to respond immediately and lead its group to success on the basis of clever team work and centralized control.

WLAN tracking / WiFi tracking

Strictly speaking, it should no longer be called BigData nowadays but rather SmartData. Because the aim of every large franchise chain / store chain is to understand their customers better to make their shopping experience as practical, interesting and qualitatively optimized as possible.
But how do you understand your customer best? Of course you observe them and react accordingly. It is even better if you have a direct exchange with the customer on location in all stores simultaneously.
The Bluetooth (iBeacon) technology by crosscan makes this possible. Bi-directional connections and data transfer to crosscan Connect allow the companies to react quickly. An intelligent price management module can be added to the modular system crosscan Connect. This price management module is used to control digital price tags and sales displays. The connection to the customer is thus further improved.

ESL - digital price tags

The extended crosscan system controls digital price tags interactively and allows the retailer to operate a price management which can be modified in realtime and adjusted individually at the different locations.
Linked products can be highlighted using animation effects. Selected articles can be displayed more brightly, prices can be shown in a bigger font or flashing areas can be created, for example.
Especially digital price displays operating in waiting position can be used as advertising surface, for instance.

Improving the conversion rate

Large store networks require more than a simple evaluation of the sales figures today. For an improvement of the conversion rates and the best possible utilization of potential it is essential to have a professional visitor frequency measurement. The people counting system has to operate accurately, reliably and provide hourly analyses to be able to measure the actual success of the stores and reveal unused potential.
Large retail chains decide to use crosscan because they achieve a tangible improvement of their store performance.

As crosscan customer you will receive comprehensive and objective consultation with respect to the sensor that is best suited for your purpose and the optimal composition of the modular crosscan system for customer counting. We keep a broad range of sensors and products at your disposal. For special requirements, our web developers specializing on internet and mobile are available to you and will be happy to give you advice on the options for individual software development.

We are at your disposal anytime if you have any questions or need more information. Just call us and make your personal consultation appointment at your location: To the contact form for people counting and visitor frequency measurement.

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