Monitoring cameras

Monitoring cameras

You have to decide on which monitoring camera and which video monitoring system that you want to install and this will depend on the type of application.

When you choose a monitoring camera you must always take into account technical installation aspects such as lighting conditions, camera location and existing networks, etc.

Will an internal area or an external area be monitored? In external areas you must always take into account that the camera will be used under changing weather conditions as well as during times when the day changes, which means different lighting conditions.

Certain cameras can be used to cover specific image areas. This is extremely important, for example, with regard to video monitoring in public places and for the protection of privacy in various applications.

The camera model also has to be selected in addition to the technology. There are different models to choose from, such as box- or spherical-shaped monitoring cameras. Other cameras do not have a defined shape as they are often embedded in automatic systems, door entry phone systems or machines.

Network cameras or even IP cameras are used for transferring image information across digital communication paths such as local networks (Ethernet), the internet or intranets. Network cameras use an integrated web-server and their own IP addresses. Network cameras are available in the same shapes as analog monitoring cameras.

Today there are specific network cameras, which are completely digital and these network cameras consist of a digital camera section and an integrated web-server. In addition to this there are so-called economical webcams, which are connected to a computer via USB, but they do not work as stand-alone units via a network. Therefore they are unsuitable for use in video monitoring systems.

Special software is absolutely necessary to operate a network camera and this is known as video management software. The correct software must also be selected here, as it depends on the video monitoring system application.

Many points have to be taken into consideration when selecting the most suitable video monitoring system to meet your requirements.

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