Radiofrequent retail security systems (RF)

The retail security systems with radiofrequent technology can protect entrances of up to 2,2 m, the tags can be deactivated from a distance of 25 – 30 cm. The deactivators can be fitted into the cash desks thus allowing the deactivation of the security tags of an article within its wrapping. The system is highly reliable and compared to the AM-technology considerably cheaper.

Retail security antennas with elegant, attravtive design

The Electra Dual and Mono System, which has an attractive design, is deployed successfully in many places. With its elegant appearance made of a combination of plexiglass and aluminum, it fits well into modernly furnished stores.

The excellent electronics of the Electra Dual System secure your outputs with four loops, whereby one of the antennae is the sender and one is the receiver. In addition, you can put in place quick and easily designable information or advertising in both antennae.

Naturally, the radiofrequent retail security system works with all common 8.2 MHz hard tags and soft labels. One can thus continue to use labels that have already been acquired.

Electra Dual

Electra Dual

Electra Mono

Electra Mono


Retail Security System RF Gate 1

Antenna RF Gate 1

Retail Security System RF Gate 2

Antenna RF Gate 2

Retail Security System RF Gate 3

Antenna RF Gate 3

Retail Security System RF Gate 4

Antenna RF Gate 4

Retail Security System RF Gate 5

Antenna RF Gate 5

Retail Security System RF Gate 6

Antenna RF Gate 6

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