Retail security systems

The conventional method of safeguarding your goods is to either encase them or tether them. High value articles are displayed in glass cases and electronic equipment such as laptops or mobile telephones are now fitted with eyes, to which a securing strap can be attached.

Special retail security system technologies have been introduced and these have been sub-divided into three main groups, especially in the clothing security sector:

  1. Acousto-magnetic anti-theft technology
  2. Electro-magnetic technology
  3. Radio-frequency technology

Aerials have to be used with all three technologies and the entrance and / or exit areas are normally selected as the aerial location sites. These are not only used to detect shoplifting, but they also act as deterrents and they make clear that the shoplifter will also have to face the consequences.

However, many retailers also wish to have discreet or invisible retail security systems in place that are adapted to work with the other devices installed in the shop. In this case the aerial systems are integrated in the doors or in the floor / walls and are not apparent to the customers when they are shopping. Only the retail security labels or a few warning signs still remain visible and these also act as deterrents.

How do the various product security systems differ?

The technologies used by the different retail security systems differ with regard to reliability, security and passage coverage width and detection rates.

Acousto-magnetic retail security systems can secure passage coverage widths of up to 400 cm between two aerials; the radio frequency retail security system provides a passage coverage width of up to 200 cm; electro-magnetic retail security systems only secure the smallest passage coverage widths.

You must also take all the other features of the different technologies into consideration in order to be able to find the security system that is most suitable for special shop-floor areas.

The retail security system labels are also part of the electronic article security system even though the aerials remain hidden. Different types such as hard-labels, adhesive labels, flexible labels, colour coded labels, etc., are also used here and the security labels are deactivated at the till during the payment process. If a retail security system label has not been deactivated then an alarm will be sounded when the label is taken into the area in between the aerials.

Combination of different methods of securing goods

Many companies use a combination of the various electronic retail security system methods as their anti-theft security system, so that one security system can trigger another one.

Source security is the new method. In this case the goods are secured during production and the retail security system label is attached during manufacture. The goods can be activated, deactivated and even reactivated at any time.

Overall the retail security system sector is a consultation-intensive sector. We are always available to answer any queries that you have or to provide more detailed information. We are represented throughout the German-speaking area and have shop security specialists available in your region.

Simply give us a call and we will set up a meeting with you at your own premises.

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